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2010 German Fundraising Award


From the laudatory address by Dr. Thomas Kreuzer, Head of Fundraising Academie
“...There is probably no other colleague to whom the entire fundraising industry in Germany and – one must add - in Europe owes so much like to you, dear Marita. There is probably no one else who coined fundraising in Germany with so much energy, persistence and political intuition... Marita Haibach is the architect of fundraising in Germany who has always pursued large-scale and at the same time visible projects. In order to build a professional fundraising association in Germany, one must have a vision on how such an association needs to look like. One must have a vision on how an educational institution in fundraising should be profiled. One must have a vision of how European standards for fundraising training need to be worded and enforced ... I've experienced Marita Haibach’s work and commitment as incredibly dependable. I could not even imagine at the beginning how complex procedures need to look like in order to bring together not only the different fundraising associations in Europe, but to get them committed to a common strategy, they make them aware of the need for a European certification system, then seeking and getting a huge budget from the EU... Maybe it is characteristic of Marita Haibach that she initiates things, gets them accepted, and accompanies them until they are well-established. But once there are running, she moves on und tackles new projects… We owe you so much, dear Marita: as an expert and colleague with huge and proven expertise who has excellent networking, political and mediating abilities in order to vigorously get new projects going and who at the same time stands out through her enduring friendliness towards people which we all enjoy over and over again with you ...”


2009  German Federal Cross of Merit
From the press release of the Hessian Ministry of Labor, Family and Health, 29 April 2009:
"Today, the former Secretary of State for Women's Affairs, Dr. Marita Haibach from Wiesbaden, was honored with the German Federal Cross of Merit for her great contributions to the field of professional and serious fundraising in Germany and Europe. The ceremony was lead by Minister Juergen Banzer who stressed: "As a pioneer of fundraising Dr. Marita Haibach has reinforced the importance of commitment to civil society. Many nonprofit organizations, donors and foundations have benefited from her tireless efforts. Over many years, Dr. Haibach has encouraged with a high degree of community spirit, expertise and energy especially women to establish foundations thus playing an important role in community work... "
2009 Honorary Member in Pecunia Network for Women with Inherited Wealth
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