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Fundraising Management

The institutional readiness of an organization forms the basis for successful fundraising. However, many organizations are not well-positioned in this area. Fundraising is a key management task which without dedicated executives and fundraising staff as well as volunteers does not work in the long run. Fundraising activities generally require long-term strategic planning. Other requirements for fundraising success are a compelling and motivating case for support, plausible needs, realistic donor groups and dedicated volunteers and supporters.

I support with my consulting activities setting-up fund-raising infrastructure efficiently: the planning and start-up phase including staff selection and training. But even in organizations that already actively are engaged in fundraising, it is necessary to check and change from time to time the effectiveness of existing structures and instruments.

Consulting Areas

  • Fundraising Start-ups:
    Strategy, Road Map, Implementation

  • Fundraising-Check

  • Further topics as required

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