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Dr. Marita Haibach




Consultant - trainer - coach:
Over the years, Dr Marita Haibach has provided services to a broad variety of nonprofit organizations as well as scientific and cultural institutions. She supports them in developing and successfully implementing fundraising plans and campaigns, in particular when it comes to major giving. In 2013 she initiated together with her colleague Jan Uekermann the Major Giving Institute. She acts as an advisor and confidant to wealthy people, in particular women with inherited wealth, who want to clarify issues related to their donations and foundation involvement. Because of her work as one of the founders and former President of the European Fundraising Association (EFA), as long-term German Country Ambassador of the Resource Alliance, as Managing Director of the international consulting firm Brakeley and many other international activities she has a rich grasp of the global world of philanthropy, civil society and fundraising.

Dr. Marita Haibach has shaped with her research and books the development of fundraising as a profession in Germany and throughout Europe. Since the mid 1990s, her "Handbuch Fundraising" (updated several times) has been the standard reference book for all those who want to get profound information on how to solicit private donors. Her book on women with inherited wealth has motivated many heiresses to become philanthropists. Her recent study on major giving in Germany is a milestone in the researching and developing the untapped potential for major donations.

Pioneering Volunteer:
Dr. Marita Haibach was actively involved as a volunteer leader in the building a number of nonprofit organizations which have been key in shaping the fundraising and foundation worlds in Germany and throughout Europe, including Deutscher Fundraising Verband (German Fundraising Association), the Fundraising Akademie, the European Fundraising Association (EFA), the women's foundation Filia and the Pecunia network for wealthy heiresses.

Dr. Marita Haibach has been a frequent speaker in conferences and workshops. Her presentations are highly motivational and full of practical advice. Her topics range from fundraising in general, specific fund-raising methods, in particular major giving, foundations, and legacies, giving to higher education and alumni fundraising, philanthropy, women as donors. She also conducts workshops on these issues.

Dr. Marita Haibach is a lecturer at the Fundraising Academy based in Frankfurt, the Institute for Cultural and Media Management of the University of Music and Drama at Hamburg, and also the University of Applied Sciences at Ravensburg-Weingarten. She also has been active as a speaker and conference chair at the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll for many years.

Music Manager:
Furthermore, Dr. Marita Haibach is the owner of the music agency RITMO COHIMBRE (founded in 2004) which is in charge of managing the Cuban music group COHIMBRE as well as the other performances of her husband, the Cuban drummer Juan Carlos Núñez Hinojosa (JUANKA). Together with JUANKA in 2011, she established DRUMPLOSION, a provider of interactive drumming events.


Dr. Marita Haibach
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