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Major Gift Fundraising


"I know many people who would be able to donate larger sums. An essential prerequisite for the growth of major gifts in Germany is to ask these people for donations and to take good care of them." 

Growing assets, also by inheritance, are a reality in the German-speaking countries. Boosting the total volume of donations can be achieved by increasing the number and size of major donations, including legacy donations and foundation building. Major gift fundraising is still uncharted territory for many nonprofit organizations. Often it is left to chance whether someone will donate large sums - and this despite the fact that those who are active in this area and proceed systematically achieve major successes.

With the help of my consulting services building or expanding major gift fundraising in an organization moves ahead in a target-oriented way, and success in soliciting major donors will be achieved. In the following central topics of my consulting services are listed but successful consulting always requires an individual approach tailored to the specific circumstances.

Consulting Areas

  • Strategy Development

  • Planning and Monitoring Implementation

  • Donor identification and solicitation

  • Donor Cultivation

  • Capitals Campaign

  • Fundraising Feasibility Study

  • Further topics as required

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