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Efficient Self-Management

Self-confidence with new quality


  • Successfully achieving goals

  • Accomplishing optimum results

  • Strengthening confidence in decision-making

  • Increasing competency to take action

  • Coherent positioning

With me you can - strictly confidential - brainstorm ideas, discuss plans, develop strategies. I support you with clear, honest feedback and my objective view from outside. I work goal-oriented. My clients often achieve significant changes within a few sessions.


  • Challenges at work

  • Innovative strategic undertakings

  • Taking on new responsibilities

  • Changed team composition

  • Friction losses at interfaces

  • Professional (re-)orientation

  • Preparing job interviews

  • Career development and development of potential


Formats and main focus

Individual Coaching (in person or via phone)

Coaching for project teams and groups


Expert Coaching: Fundraising, fundraising management, preparing meeting with major donors, managing foundations


Industries: Associations, federations, foundations, higher education, free lancers

Dr. Marita Haibach
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